Why choose International Parcel Logistics?

We like to handle as many things at one place as possible. With us you don’t have to worry about micromanagement or to participate in every step of the delivery process, simply enter all details in our system and then you can be sure that the package will get to its destination without any issues. Our services cover many fields which allows our partners to focus on what they do best, their own business.

IPL is the perfect partner for any companies or webshops because:

  • we pick up even one package
  • choose PUDO and locker options
  • send your parcel to anywhere in the world
  • pay upon delivery with cash or card

Home delivery

Within Hungary you can choose home delivery (between 24-48 hours).

In Budapest and bigger cities there is an option to choose delivery before 10am and 12am.

PUDO, Locker

We offer the option to choose PUDO or locker options for delivery and our partners can choose from thousands of options. Although some are sceptical about using these options, it is a great alternative of home delivery for people who are not spending a minimum of 3 hours at home during working hours.

Immediate shipping

In Budapest and its surrounding area (within 100 km) you can request immediate shipping, in which case (depending on the location) your package can arrive in as little as 30 minutes! During weekends and public holidays immediate shipping starts from 60 minutes.

More packages to one address

We offer special deals for more packages that are being delivered to the same address, helping your company to save a bit of extra on costs.

Pallet shipping

No need to worry about oversized or heavy packages! We offer shipping solutions for these more problematic items as well as standard pallet shipping options up until 1 tonne.

Everything in one package, according to the needs of our customers. Our prices are valid for even a single package.


Our company is part of the small businesses of Ecommerce Hungary.

We have received the silver certificate from HVG in January 2024.

Customer Services: +36-1-49-00-280

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