What is API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. In the context of APIs, the word Application refers to any software with a distinct function. Interface can be thought of as a contract of service between two applications.

What does API mean in our everyday lives?
Well, imagine the internet as a huge virtual marketplace, where all kinds of goods and services are available to be purchased. API is to connect these digital messages and enables a continuous communication between the clients. For example, if you share something on social media, API is responsible to communicate with the server, send the details and also enable other users to access and see this information.
API is useful in many different fields. Developers use them to build applications, as it saves them time and effort since many useful functions can be integrated into their own software. Webshops can use API for the payment process, product inventory or data security. Banks and other financial institutions also use API for handling their transactions and to make sure that the customers’ banking details are safe. Even maps and travel apps use API to provide real time information about traffic conditions and timetables. API is one of the pillars of the internet and without it the digital world would be completely different.

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